How to choose the perfect handbag?

Every day, we feel like buying clothes on top of clothes, shoes and accessories, as if we didn't already have the bare essentials in our wardrobe. One of the most popular accessories for women is undoubtedly the handbag. Every woman has many in her wardrobe, but it is not always easy to understand how to choose the right bag for every situation.

Choosing the right handbag

Everyday, there are many occasions for women to put their handbag to good use : going to work or study, eating out (lunch or dinner), going for a walk or a healthy shopping trip, or going to a semi-formal event. The dress code for each situation must be respected, as some situations require more rigour and formality, while others have absolute freedom of choice as their primary concept. And just as the clothes to be worn must be respected, the accessories are also the essential to preserve different types of look and must therefore be diversified according to the context.  Among the accessories, apart from the shoes, the most important element of an outfit is the bag : it can completely change a simple and basic combination, transforming it into something more elaborate and sophisticated. The only two things to keep in mind are the proportions and the mood of the look : as with matching clothes, you need to respect the proportions, both yours and the look you are wearing. So, if you wear a long oversized shirt with skinny jeans, a shoulder bag or handbag are ideal for tall and short girls, taking into account in each case the mood you want to reflect, whether it is more rock and casual or more classic.

Ideal handbag for work

For work, it is recommended to use bulky and very comfortable handbags in different colours (not necessarily dark shades, but rather bright and vivid colours) or shoulder bags such as classic shoppers.

Ideal handbag for leisure

For leisure, the range of choice is much wider : you can vary the size for day and evening (although the rule is to wear small bags). You need to consider the context you're going to, so choose a slightly vintage and sophisticated purse for an opening or exhibition, or a jewellery purse for even more mundane events, or a simple, colourful shoulder bag for a pizza party or casual drinks.

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