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Trendy looks with high waisted trousers

They are back and are the trend of the moment. But how to wear high-waisted trousers ? Are they suitable for everyone? What can we wear them with? Seen as vintage or retro clothing, they are making a comeback and…

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The rules you must know when choosing a T-shirt

The T-shirt is the basic article par excellence. White, grey, black… It should come in almost any colour. But even though it’s such a simple garment, choosing the perfect T-shirt is not an easy task. Here are the most important…

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How did Nike switch to vegan shoes?

It is an opportunity that vegan fashion is now at our doorstep, as more and more men and women decide to turn to sustainable solutions. If your heart feels compassion and solidarity towards animals, consider buying a pair of Nike…

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Our tips for wearing leather trousers

Leather trousers have existed for decades. No matter what year it is, this style of trousers will always be a trend to have an original look. If you want to stand out from the crowd with this style of clothing,…

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Trendy Jackets on Instagram

Who doesn’t dream of being fashionable ? Every day, new trends appear in fashion. On social networks, for example, you can see stars and influencers sharing photos with trendy outfits. Recently, jackets got back in fashion. On Instagram you will…

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The pink blazer: for a colourful look this autumn

As autumn arrives, the blazer is the piece that offers effortlessly a chic look. Seen as a fashion chameleon, it works perfectly jack of all trades. Gone are the dark colours, now it’s time for the coloured blazer. A must-have…

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