How to wear creoles to enhance your look ?

Creoles are earrings that have been around since the dawn of time. Famous women in history have worn them, from Cleopatra to the Queen of Sheba to Jennifer Lopez. Round earrings have conquered the world and women from all civilizations have worn them : Egyptian, Greek, Roman... They are the symbol of feminine beauty. Originating from the traditions of enslaved Africans, they have been passed down from generation to generation to represent their pride and resistance to adversity. They have a wonderful influence on any outfit. They are now considered essential in any jewellery box. What do the shops offer?

How to choose them and how to put them on?

Wearing earrings is not something you do just any old how, especially if you want to wear creoles. There are some important criteria to follow to avoid making mistakes : the shape of your face must be adapted to your choice.
  • An angular face emphasises round curls and rings. The shape of your face is well suited to creoles.
  • A round face prefers long, thin, drooping earrings, small rings and pearls that match your outfit.
  • An oval face can afford anything.
Always keep these principles in mind to avoid false notes. But also give as much importance to your haircut which is your first adornment, because the earrings are supposed to enhance it and thus affirm your look. What is the place of creoles at the moment?

The trend, to make the most beautiful outfit!

A well known jewellery, the round curls have always seduced women and their interest in them has never waned, quite the contrary. As a result, designers are working to modernise them by revisiting classic models and adding precious and decorative elements. And the approach has worked so well that creoles have become the trendy jewellery of the season with their infinite variations.

The popular pair of hoop earrings is a great addition to any outfit :

  • A classic outfit brightened up with hoop earrings; a preppy look guaranteed.
  • A simple black dress with earrings, you'll be as sexy as anything.
  • An evening dress and a pair of hoop earrings designed for you will be breathtakingly glamorous.
  • A casual outfit will be original with round earrings.
You have to "dare" to make the most of this trendy jewellery.

What about the future?

If round earrings have lasted through time without taking a wrinkle and have remained at the top and always trendy, we imagine that they will not remain so for long. But, with the work of the designers who revisit them, women will be able to enjoy their sublime, sophisticated, elegant and glamorous look for a long time.

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