Where to sell your clothes ?

Won't wear the clothes left in the wardrobe, duplicates or just need some money ? Dressing sales have become everyone's favourite way to get rid of old clothes while earning money and making ends meet. Dress clearance, as the name suggests, is the resale of clothes by individuals who wish to part with them.

Reselling clothes online

If you want to get rid of some clothes or redesign your wardrobe, you can sell them online to raise enough money to buy new fashionable clothes. The conditions are simple : it is advisable to resell almost new or quality products at attractive prices. Generally, the auction and clearance sites charge a commission based on the sale price. However, if you don't want to use their services, you can always resell your clothes on the most popular selling platform. But there is one last option, selling your clothes on an app specialised in "fashion products" is also a better idea. On the other hand, you can take part in a garage sale or a dress sale organised in your town.

Why sell your clothes?

The advantages of selling clothes are often ecological and economical. It allows you to increase your shopping budget or secure the end of the month. It also allows sellers to clear out their wardrobe, i.e. make room for their other clothes. From an ecological point of view, reselling clothes is a better way to reduce the environmental footprint. It gives the garment a second chance to wear and gives it a second life. On the other hand, it's a win win situation, where you resell clothes while saving money and respecting nature.

Highlight the clothes to be resold

While taking beautiful photos of clothes for resale may seem obvious, not all online sellers make an effort to take photos that fully showcase their clothes. However, what is attractive is the vision, so a great photo can change everything. Moreover, almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone capable of taking high quality photos. Take pictures from all angles, i.e. front, back and side. Make sure there is enough light to properly show your items. Avoid pixelated or blurred photos.

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