Fashion trend : how to wear a skirt ?

The skirt is a timeless part of the female wardrobe. Women of all ages have at least one skirt model, to wear according to the circumstances. Are you wondering how to wear your skirts properly? Whatever your morphology, there will always be a skirt that will fit you perfectly. Follow the guide!

Wear the skirt that suits your body type

Like all types of clothing, a skirt should be comfortable and enhance your figure. It should not be too tight or too wide on your hips. It all depends on your body type. If you have a straight, I-shaped or H-shaped body, you should "add" curves and volume to the bottom of your figure. A low-cut skirt with a flared cut will do the trick. For curvy or overweight women, choose a high-waisted skirt that slims the figure. You can choose between a slit, straight or buttoned cut. For women with a V-shape, a low cut skirt with fringes and lace will add volume to your buttocks and hips. Women with an X shape can wear any type of skirt, even black leather skirts, the fashion trend of the season.

Choose your skirt based on your size

Your height is an important criterion for wearing a skirt. If you are tall and slender, a midi skirt will suit you perfectly. If you're average height, you can choose between a standard skirt that stops at the knee. The maxi skirt is suitable for all sizes, as long as it is light and not tight. It should not make your figure look heavy. For women with shapely legs, a mini skirt should be worn to enhance this natural asset. To conceal curves, long skirts that stop at the ankle or calf should be perfect.

A skirt for everyone

Every woman has her own preferences when it comes to skirt styles. Some prefer a skirt made of denim for an urban look. A floral or colourful patterned skirt gives a summery look. And women with a rock look prefer leather skirts. In the end, the skirt is an essential piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobe. It enhances the figure by highlighting certain parts of the body.

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