Trendy looks with high waisted trousers

They are back and are the trend of the moment. But how to wear high-waisted trousers ? Are they suitable for everyone? What can we wear them with? Seen as vintage or retro clothing, they are making a comeback and have been in fashion for a few years now. Whatever the season, you'll see them in shop windows, on other girls or even on the red carpet at social events.

There are so many types of high-waisted trousers !

Skinnies: There are so many different types of skinny styles, from jeans to shorts to dress trousers. This is the very tight model and is suitable for women who want to show off their bodies. The fabric is stretchy and therefore easy to wear and comfortable. Palazzo: these trousers are more suitable for long figures who are proud of their slim legs. Flared: these are best suited to figures that are neither particularly slim nor too fleshy, as they tend to emphasise the waist and not hug the legs too tightly. Go to a specialist website to find the right high-waisted trousers or beige jumpsuit.

High-waisted trousers: how to wear them and who can wear them ?

High-waisted trousers create the effect of a flatter tummy but widen the hip and the buttocks area a little bit. Women with a slim, linear body can compensate for the lack of curves with the volume of the trousers. For women with a softer body shape, high-waisted trousers are perfect, as they tend to hide a few extra pounds in the tummy area. Wide-leg trousers also tend to harmonise the proportions of the body. Pegged trousers, on the other hand, create a movement around the tummy and hide it.

How to wear high-waisted trousers ?

The combination depends on the end result we want to achieve. High-waisted wide-leg trousers are very popular and can be worn with almost anything.  For an elegant look, you can combine the trousers with a silk or satin blouse or shirt, whether it is wide or narrow, but if it is wide, it is best to put it under the trousers and not leave it out. Even blouses or shirts with transparencies tucked into trousers will not be vulgar. To slim down your figure even more, you can wear a bodysuit under your trousers, which will fit your shape perfectly and give your whole silhouette a tight effect. T-shirts or bustiers are also perfect, the important thing being that the figure is highlighted and not "distorted".

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