The rules you must know when choosing a T-shirt

The T-shirt is the basic article par excellence. White, grey, black... It should come in almost any colour. But even though it's such a simple garment, choosing the perfect T-shirt is not an easy task. Here are the most important things to keep in mind to make sure you've really found the right shirt.

Neckline and length

The first essential element to look for in a T-shirt is the neckline. This is often a question of taste, trends, but also of morphology. Those with a generous bust will go for a V-neckline, which is more flattering for the shape. Those with a small bust can opt for the femininity of a crew neck, which softens even the most androgynous lines. While the short cut is currently in vogue, we must learn to separate the trends from the timeless. Basically, the perfect shirt should be cut to fit your body. The most versatile T-shirt is the one that goes all the way to the hips; shorter T-shirts are ideal for those with a flat stomach and legs that aren't exactly too long, as they optically elongate the figure. Be careful not to wear shirts that are too long for your height, as this can make you look even shorter. Go to a specialised website to find the best shirt, you can also find the right white denim shirt.

Sleeves and waist

The most flattering sleeve length is the wide, mid-arm sleeve, which is very feminine. This style hides imperfections and is always elegant. Short sleeves are more suitable for thin arms. Do you have thick arms? Don't try to hide them: on the contrary, dare to wear a tank top! As for long sleeves, they make the silhouette very masculine: it is better to use them sparingly. Choosing the right T-shirt size depends not only on your body shape, but also on your style. In general, a T-shirt is worn close to the body, but not too tightly, to avoid uncomfortable contact with the underwear. The current fashion trend is about oversized T-shirts, which are suitable for all physiques. Do you have curves? Don't hide behind baggy clothes and go with a well-cut, rather tight-fitting t-shirt.

Colour and material

Every decent wardrobe should have one white and one black T-shirt. To these two basic T-shirts, we recommend adding a third neutral colour: blue, khaki, beige, grey... in short, a shade suitable for everyday use. As for the material, cotton is always the fabric of choice for a perfect T-shirt.

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