Slimming girdle : are there any health risks ?

Whether it is to recover a perfect body after having a baby or simply to shape your silhouette, the slimming girdle is the ultimate solution for all women wishing to emphasize their femininity. Indeed, we can never tell you enough : any excess is a defect, and this piece of clothing should be worn in moderation. So here's why.

Slimming girdles: a source of disease

Let's face it, slimming girdles do a good job of compacting the body for a tighter, shapelier look under a tight or light dress. Although this garment can hide unsightly curves, health experts strongly advise against wearing it too frequently. This is because wearing them can cause acute oesophagitis, heartburn and even incontinence. Also, girdles compress organs including the colon, intestine and stomach.

Slimming girdles impair blood circulation

The designers who developed the slimming girdle almost thought of everything! The slimming girdle is available in a wide range of models for sheathing the entire figure : from neck to ankles. The sheathing panties, or sheathing body, with a push-up to enhance the bust, etc., is a feminine lingerie that can be adapted to any fantasy. Unfortunately, despite their many advantages, slimming girdles are not very comfortable. They block the blood flow. Therefore, it is best not to wear them every day. If you really want to sculpt your dream body without having to diet, you can wear the slimming girdle for a maximum of one to two hours in a day. In any case, it is best to wear it only occasionally.

Slimming girdles make it difficult to breathe

Slimming girdles are very trendy and they can actually help anyone to achieve good posture. They allow you to stand up straight, whether you are sitting or standing. However, wearing this feminine lingerie can quickly become a source of discomfort. This is because it compresses the body for an incredibly shapely look. The fit of the corset actually restricts the diaphragm, preventing you from breathing deeply. Therefore, it is best to wear the slimming girdle from time to time. Moreover, it will take some time for your body to get used to it. All the more reason not to wear the girdle every day!

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