What coat to wear when you are small ?

For simple occasions or for more special events, coats always remain one of the essentials to have in your wardrobe. If people with a slim build can afford anything in terms of coats, such as long trenches and oversized models, the slimmer ones will have to favour more specific models to avoid overloading their silhouettes even more. Associations, choice of colours, discover now how to choose coats and how to wear them when you are small.

Coats for small people: the models you need to choose

If you are small in stature, but absolutely want to wear a coat, don't worry, many models will suit you perfectly. Simple trench or capote, always go for models with a knee length. Long coats will tend to pack you down and weigh down your figure, while more fitted models will make your body appear much larger and more imposing than it really is. When choosing colours, it is best to choose coats with uniform colours and no patterns, as this colour scheme will suit both slim and short people. However, if you want to make your figure even more slender, vertical patterns are also suitable. Geometric or sailor prints, go for it, but respect the colours that will best suit your skin tone.

The perfect combinations !

No matter what type of coat you are going to wear, you should always choose a harmonious combination. It is totally inadvisable to wear a pile of clothes inside your coats, as this will make your look burdened. For smaller bodies, it's better to go with trouser-top combinations or simply a dress underneath the coats to create an elegant yet simple outfit. Moreover, to be even more in tune with the current trend, wear your coats directly closed, you will be a hit!

Coats : Original and offbeat styles

The days of the classic heavy coat are over, more than one original and unusual model is already available on the good sales sites. Sleeveless coats or coats with batwing sleeves, these are the types of coats that are perfectly suited for small sizes. Why not go for the combination of pumps and a modern coat ? It's a look that works for all occasions and all seasons. For the simplistic and minimalist, simpler styles are also recommended.

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