Why wear loafers this autumn?

There was a time when moccasins were only designed for men because of their shape and look. Considered chic and elegant, they are usually found in the men's dressing room because they're easy to adapt with the choice of clothing style, including a suit ensemble. They have evolved over time with different styles and designs. They are made of a strong material like leather and are known to be very durable shoes. But why wear loafers in autumn ? 

Is there a particular season to wear moccasins ?

Wearing loafers doesn't have to be in any particular season, as they are the "must have" of the moment in your wardrobe. They are indeed at the forefront of the trend in this autumn season, starting with the youngest to the oldest. Wearing moccasins in autumn is quite possible, but you have to know how to choose the combination and the composition of the look to give a good result. Indeed, even if they are not difficult to wear, you must avoid spoiling the look by learning everything about the latest trends and keeping up to date with the changes in fashion.

Can women wear loafers ?

With the evolution of fashion, moccasins are no longer designed only for men, a model of moccasin for women has been designed by major manufacturers of shoes in leather or suede, which are materials of very good quality. The big brands have favoured the feminine model by making a men's shoe model in their image and this trend has marked the fashion world this season. Some models come in the form of a boat moccasin for most women and others are inspired by the male model and simply feminised.

How to care for your pairs of moccasins ?

To enjoy your moccasins for the longest time, you must first focus on the brand and quality, because counterfeit models are quickly perishable. Secondly, leather and suede are materials that require special care depending on the needs of the material. You should also avoid soaking them in water so that they do not deteriorate easily. Wearing moccasins provides a certain allure that no other shoe can give. People who wear loafers are considered to be classy while knowing how to stay simple.

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