The pink blazer: for a colourful look this autumn

As autumn arrives, the blazer is the piece that offers effortlessly a chic look. Seen as a fashion chameleon, it works perfectly jack of all trades. Gone are the dark colours, now it's time for the coloured blazer. A must-have in our wardrobe, a pink jacket is the ultimate fashion essential to adopt in autumn. It is simply a must-have if you want to be at the top of fashion.

Pink jacket, for a change!

A timeless wardrobe staple, the pink blazer suits all body types and styles. It gives a chic and upgraded look to the wearer. To satisfy all tastes, designers create jackets in different materials, shapes and patterns. Today, the blazer is in a trendy and pop colour, which is bright pink, to stray away from the classic, tasteless and sometimes too bland colours.

How to wear a pink blazer and still be stylish?

In addition to its classic cut, the blazer is characterized by its clean lines that prevent imperfections from standing out. Even if it's a must-have, it can also make you look too serious and quite severe. Fortunately, the fuchsia colour erases this strictness while keeping its classy look. We like to wear the oversized blazer for a more genderless look. An XXL jacket will go well with a mini-dress or why not with a suit and trousers ensemble. Add a touch of pizzazz if you're looking for a very casual look. Those who dare to be eccentric can try a cropped version of this blazer or take the maxi shoulder pads. With an extravagant cut, your fuchsia jacket will be outstanding with a sophisticated edge.

Other good ideas for adopting it

The oversized version wins out over all other blazer styles. Thanks to its chic and comfortable look, the pink blazer will go perfectly with suit trousers. With jeans, it will give you a streetwear look. You can also wear it with a pleated mini skirt, a flowing dress or a long skirt with a belt. As for the top, a shirt with an open collar to tuck into trousers is a no-brainer. Depending on your taste, a turtleneck, a turtleneck top or a lace camisole can also work. For added style, remember to put your hands in your pockets and roll up your sleeves. Doing so will keep your look from looking boring.

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