Trendy Jackets on Instagram

Who doesn't dream of being fashionable ? Every day, new trends appear in fashion. On social networks, for example, you can see stars and influencers sharing photos with trendy outfits. Recently, jackets got back in fashion. On Instagram you will see thousands of people wearing them in different ways. Which ones are the most fashionable at the moment?

The quilted jacket : a wardrobe staple !

Whether you're a fan of streetwear or classic fashion, wearing a quilted jacket is a good idea. It's a trend everywhere, especially during the autumn-winter season. Among the most famous and trending ones on Instagram, you can see the Teddy quilted jacket. Compared to other types of jackets, it is distinguished by its shape as well as by its fabric. Indeed, it is inspired by military parka linings. Their main objective is to keep you warm while being oversized.

How best to wear a quilted jacket?

The particularities of this type of jacket lie in its cut. With a wide back and a cape, it is both casual and chic. In addition, it has a more elegant look. This means that it can be worn with any outfit. When it comes to colours, anything is possible. But the most fashionable colours are ivory, chocolate and army green. You can wear this jacket with leggings or a sporty outfit if you are a streetwear fan. If you want to bring out your feminine side, pair it with high heels, a shirt and jeans or leather trousers.

Why not a blazer? How to choose it?

The blazer is also a fashion trend in the recent years. Often, women chose to wear suits. In this case, the models are now diversified, which one to choose? If you like a more casual style, go for a discreet women's suit, which you can wear with a pair of sneakers. If you want to go for a "working girl" style, opt for a short-sleeved blazer. It is also possible to wear shorts or a skirt with the jacket. For colours, patterns are very trendy. You can, for example, consider checks, floral prints, etc.

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