Our tips for wearing leather trousers

Published on : 02 November 20213 min reading time
Leather trousers have existed for decades. No matter what year it is, this style of trousers will always be a trend to have an original look. If you want to stand out from the crowd with this style of clothing, it is advisable to follow some fashion tips, especially for beginners. After that, you can proudly wear your trousers, with the matching top and accessories. But first, read this handy guide.

Choose your trousers according to your body type!

Yes, this rule must be followed at all costs if you want to wear leather trousers. If you have short legs, it is advisable to choose kick flare trousers (flared on the legs, but tight on the thighs). This style of trousers will elongate your figure, and show off your legs. The skinny style is ideal for slim figures, as it will enhance your shape. They are also a must if you want to look sexy and eye-catching on the street. But if you want a standard leather pant that fits almost every body type, choose a straight cut. This cut is also recommended for women who want a discreet and original look.

Match the colours of your style!

Even if you enjoy wearing black leather trousers, it is important to know how to match the colour of your top. If you don’t want to go overboard, go for a black on black look. It’s an elegant, classy and chic look, but it’s one of the classics to date. For an atypical look, you should wear a different coloured top. The aim is to soften your look to achieve that stunning effect. So, you maybe want to go for some neutral colours, such as sky blue, creamy beige, brown or white.

Choose your top and shoes carefully!

If you want to look elegant with your leather trousers, you can wear a pair of stilettos, with a blazer jacket or a turtleneck jumper. It is also possible to have a streetwear look with simple leather trousers. To do this, you need to wear them with a pair of trainers and an oversized jumper or a t-shirt. A small white tank top with heels will also give you a chic but simple look. In addition, if you feel cold, you can wear boots, or small ankle boots.

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