How did Nike switch to vegan shoes?

It is an opportunity that vegan fashion is now at our doorstep, as more and more men and women decide to turn to sustainable solutions. If your heart feels compassion and solidarity towards animals, consider buying a pair of Nike shoes that minimise animal suffering and don't use leather in their base material.

Nike unveils environmental protection plan

Nike wants to implement a program to reduce footwear manufacturing waste by 17% and to use at least 20% eco-friendly equipment. Also, Nike hopes that all of its products will eventually be recyclable. For the record: ten years ago, for every Nike shoe created, there was enough waste to make another shoe, but that number has been halved and the company now recycles two-thirds of the waste. By 2025, the group also states that there will be no more waste in the landfill, and that at least 80% of the debris will be recycled and used to make new products. In short, the group hopes to reduce the use of clean water in textile dyeing and finishing by 25%.

What is a vegan shoe?

A vegetarian, first of all, leads a lifestyle that does not use any animal products, whether it is their diet, their selection of clothing, cosmetics, furniture, etc. Vegetarians do not eat animal meat. Their main theme ? Fighting against animal suffering. This is why vegan shoes do not contain any animal ingredients, be it the material of the upper and sole, or the laces and other details. For example, leather shoes are not vegan : the animal has to be killed to get its skin back and then processed. It should be noted that this processing will also cause ecological costs, especially if chromium is used for the treatment, as the process will cause environmental degradation.

Care of vegan shoes

Vegan shoes are easier to preserve. That said, there are different elements that can make up these shoes, and of course, the care must be appropriate. For microfiber shoes, it's very simple : just use a soft cloth soaked in soapy water and wipe the upper of a vegan tennis shoe in circular motions. That's it ! For those in a hurry, it's important to resist the urge to put them under the radiator, which will ruin your shoes. It makes more sense to leave them in the air. For canvas shoes, simply use a brush instead of a soft cloth and always use soapy water. No one would recommend machine washing, which is quick and easy. These washing frequencies again weaken the whole shoe, especially the combination of the different parts of the shoe. In addition, although vegan tennis shoes are glued and stitched to increase strength, it is better to clean them by hand, which is quick and convenient.

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